Vanity Fare



1.In The Beginning[2:36] 2.I'm Not Going To Cry[2:15] 3.I Live For The Sun[2:29] 4.On The Other Side Of Life[3:28] 5.(I Remember) Summer Morning[2:55] 6.Betty Carter[1:54] 7.Music Music Music[2:51] 8.In My Lonely Room[2:47] 9.Lucky Lady Bug[2:46] 10.Adios Amore[2:42] 11.I Hear Trumpets Blow[2:41] 12.Four Strong Winds[2:28] 13.Puppet On A String[2:29] 14.Younger Girl[2:37] 15.Hey Baby[2:19] 16.You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling[4:27] 17.Highway Of Dreams[2:37] 18.Waiting For The Nightfall[2:34] 19.Early In The Morning[2:47] 20.You Made Me Love You[2:23] 21.Hitchin' A Ride[2:57] 22.Man Child[2:50] 23.Come Tomorrow[3:06] 24.Megowd (Something Tells Me)[4:16]


1.Carolina's Coming Home[2:18] 2.On Your Own[3:44] 3.Where Did All The Good Times Go[2:53] 4.Stand[3:07] 5.Better By Far[3:49] 6.Rock `n' Roll Band[3:18] 7.Our Own Way Of Living[3:49] 8.Nowhere To Go[4:08] 9.The Big Parade[2:50] 10.Angel[3:19] 11.I'm In Love With The World[3:09] 12.At The End Of The Pier[2:18] 13.Rock And Roll Is Back[3:02] 14.Making For The Sun[2:55] 15.Take It, Shake It, Break My Heart[2:27] 16.Down-Home[2:38] 17.Fast Running Out Of World[2:55] 18.Throw Your Weight Around[3:00] 19.It Doesn't Matter Anymore[3:28] 20.Better By Far[3:10] 21.At The End Of The Pier[2:18] 22.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Bonus Track)[3:02] 23.Southern Woman (Bonus Track)[3:35]

68年のデビュー曲、サンレイズのカバー「I Live for the Sun」が全英20位のヒットとなる。
続く「Summer Morning」と共に美しいハーモニーに飾られた名曲である。