1.(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up 2.To Make You Smile Again 3.Canadian Sunset
4.Hideaway 5.Again 6.Bye Bye Baby 7.See You In September 8.The Gentle Art Of Loving
9.The Things You Do To Me 10.You'd Better Get Used To Missing Her 11.Pretty City
12.A Lovely Way To Say Goodnight 13.Do I Love You 14.Schoolgirl
15.Canadian Sunset (instrumental) Sounds Of Sunset
16.Four Seasons medley: Walk Like A Man / Sherry / Big Girls Don't Cry
17.I Live 18.I Will See You There 19.Charade 20.The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
21.Look Over The Hill And Far Away 22.Rainbow 23.Through A Long And Sleepless Night
24.There's No Room In Your World For Me 25.Silence Is Golden
未発表曲を含めた全24曲はフォー・シーズンズのカバーありと 胸のすくようなメロディとハーモニーを堪能できる。