Summer Wine

1.Wasn't It Nice in New York City? 2.She's Still a Mystery 3.Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
4.One Fine Day 5.Nancy Sing Me a Song 6.Take a Load Off Your Feet
7.Living Right Next Door to an Angel 8.Sound of Summer's Over 9.Crying Eyes
10.Shenandoah 11.Do You Wann'a Dance? 12.Sherry 13.You Got What It Takes
14.Well All Right 15.Painted Ladies 16.Ode to a Steel Guitar 17.Why Do Fool's Fall in Love?
18.She's Still a Mystery to Me 19.Take a Load Off Your Feet 20.Shenandoah 21.One Fine Day 22.Do You Wann'a Dance?