Royal Guardsmen

1.Snoopy vs. the Red Baron 2.Return of the Red Baron 3.Airplane Song (My Airplane)
4.Any Wednesday 5.I Say Love 6.Snoopy for President 7.Baby Let's Wait 8.Leaving Me
9.It's Sopwith Camel Time 10.Biplane "Evermore" 11.Shot Down 12.Searching for the Good Times
13.Smallest Astronaut 14.Mother, Where's Your Daughter 15.Down Behind the Lines
16.Om 17.I'm a Man 18.So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star 19.As Tears Go By 20.Snoopy's Christmas
「Snoopy vs The Red Baron」などノベルティ・ソングのシリーズ化で特大ヒットを飛ばす。
ソフトロックナンバーと言われる「Baby Let's Wait」や「I Say Love」は必聴。