ディスク: 1 1.Congress Alley 2.Anatomy of I've Never Seen Love Like This 3.I've Never Seen Love Like This
4.Door KNOB 5.Can't Find The Time to Tell You 6.Can't Find the Time to Tell You - (Undiscovered version)
7.Music Machine 8.I'll Stay With You 9.Never In My Life 10.The Dream 11.I'll Fly 12.Just Got Back
13.Mine's Yours 14.So Far Away in Love 15.Borneo 16.She's Not There
ディスク: 2 1.Lover Over Here 2.Just a Little Bit 3.Just a Little Bit - The Villagers (Live) 4.Walk Away Renee
5.Roses 6.Magic Air 7.Lovin' You 8.May I Look At You 9.Brown Arms In Houston
10.Me About You 11.I Can Make The Sun Rise 12.To Touch Our Love Again
13.By the Size of My Shoes 14.As They All Fall 15.Joyful 16.Of Enlightenment 17.I'll Be There 18.Tomorrow Man