Orange Bicycle

ディスク: 1 1.Hyacinth Threads 2.Dropping Out 3.Renaissance Fair 4.Amy Peate
5.I Can't Go on Loving You Now 6.Sister Sharon 7.Early Pearly Morning
8.Until the End Dreamer 9.Jane 10.Until the End Drifter 11.LA [Alternate Version]
12.Nicely 13.Message for Mary 14.It's All Very Strange 15.Sing This Song All Together
16.Jenskadajka [Alternate Version] 17.Drink Your Whisky

ディスク: 2 1.Laura's Garden 2.Competition 3.Lavender Girl 4.Rainy Jane 5.Soft Winds
6.Trip on an Orange Bicycle 7.Box 49 8.Donna 9.Jenskadajka 10.Isn't It Nice
11.Go With Goldie 12.So Long, Marianne 13.Madam la Mar 14.Carpet Man
15.LA 16.Here Come the Bumbles
極上のハーモニーを聴かせる、英国ソフト・サイケ・グループ。 「Dropping Out」はもう夢心地。