1.Ten Little Indians 2.1941 3.Cuddly Toy 4.She Sang Hymns Out of Tune 5.You Can't Do That
6.Sleep Late, My Lady Friend 7.She's Leaving Home 8.There Will Never Be 9.Without Her
10.Freckles 11.It's Been So Long 12.River Deep, Mountain High 13.Daddy's Song
14.Good Old Desk 15.Don't Leave Me 16.Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
17.Little Cowboy 18.Together 19.Everybody's Talkin' 20.I Said Goodbye to Me
21.Little Cowboy 22.Mr. Tinker 23.One 24.Wailing on the Willow 25.Bath

ディスク: 2 1.Introduction 2.1941 [Remix] 3.Daddy's Song 4.Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
[New Background Vocals] [Remix] 5.Good Old Desk [Remix] 6.Everybody's Talkin' [Remix]
7.Bath 8.Fill 9.River Deep, Mountain High [Remix] 10.Sleep Late, My Lady Friend [Remix]
11.Don't Leave Me [Remix] 12.Without Her [New Vocals] [Remix] 13.Together [Remix]
14.One [Remix] 15.Closing 16.As I Wander Lonely 17.Miss Butter's Lament 18.Sister Mari
19.Wasting My Time
フィル・スペクターに見出されたソングライターのハリー・ニルソン ソフトロック的には「1941」がオススメか。