New Colony Six

1.I Will Always Think About You 2.Dandy Handy Man 3.Girl Unsigned 4.Treat Her Groovy
5.Summertime's Another Name For Love 6.Just Feel Worse 7.Can't You See Me Cry
8.We Will Love Again 9.Things I'd Like To Say 10.Hold Me With Your Eyes
11.You Know Better 12.Barbara, I Love You 13.Free 14.Love, That's The Best I Can Do
15.Come And Give Your Love To Me 16.I Could Never Lie To You 17.Ride The Wicked Wind
18.I Want You To Know 19.Sun Within You 20.Blue Eyes 21.Come Away With You 22.Prairie Grey
ガレージバンドが徐々に洗練され、アソシエイションタイプの曲がなり、「I'll Always Think About You」などヒットを飛ばす。