Neon Philharmonic


ディスク: 1 1.Brilliant Colors 2.Cowboy 3.New Life Out There 4.Morning Girl 5.Midsummer Night
6.Little Sparrow 7.Last Time I Saw Jacqueline 8.Morning Girl, Later
9.Are You Old Enough to Remeber Dresden? 10.Forever Hold Your Peace
11.You Lied 12.Harry 13.No One Is Going to Hurt You 14.Long John the Pirate
15.F. Scott Fitzgerald & William Shakespeare 16.Mordor National Anthem

ディスク: 2 1.Morning Girl [Mono Single Version] 2.Brillant Colors [Mono Single Version]
3.No One Is Going to Hurt You [Mono Single Version] 4.You Lied [Mono Single Version]
5.Clouds 6.Snow 7.Heighdy-Ho Princess 8.Don't Know My Way Around My Soul
9.Flowers for Your Pillow 10.To Be Continued 11.Something to Believe In 12.Little Love
13.Got a Feelin' in My Bones 14.Keep the Faith in Me 15.Better Times 16.Jody 17.Letters Crossing
18.Radio Spot 1 [Promo] 19.Radio Spot 2 [Promo] 20.Radio Spot 3 [Promo] 21.Radio Spot 4 [Promo]
22.Radio Spot 5 [Promo]

「Morning Girl」が69年全米17位のヒット。レコード盤上のオペラのコンセプトなアルバム。