The Moon

1.Mothers and Fathers 2.Pleasure 3.I Should Be Dreaming
4.Brother Lou's Love Colony 5.Got to Be on My Way 6.Someday Girl
7.Papers 8.Faces 9.Never Mind 10.Give Me More 11.She's on My Mind
12.Walking Around 13.Pirate 14.Lebanon 15.Transporting Machine
16.Mary Jane 17.Softly 18.Not to Know 19.Good Side 20.Life Is a Season
21.John Automation 22.Come Out Tonight 23.Mr. Duffy 24.Pirate [Mono 45 Mix]
25.Not to Know [Mono 45 Mix] 26.Face in the Crowd 27.White Silk Glove 28.Come On
The Moonの1stと2ndを合わせた28曲に及ぶ2in1CD。
冒頭の「Mothers and Fathers」は必聴。