Mark Eric

1.California Home 2.Move With The Dawn 3.Laura’s Changing
4.Where Do The Girls Of The Summer Go? 5.I’d Like To Talk To You 6.Take Me With You
7.Night of The Lions 8.Don’t Cry Over Me 9.We Live So Fast 10.Sad Is The Way That I Feel
11.Just Passing By 12.Lynn’s Baby 13.Place For The Summer 14.Build Your Own Dreams
15.Goin’ Native 16.Summer Goes This Way 17.Night Of The Lions(Single Mono-Mix)
18.Don’t Cry Over Me(Single Mono-Mix) 19.California Home(Single Mono-Mix)
20.Where Do The Girls Of The Summer Go?(Single Mono-Mix)
無名のシンガーだが、「California Home」「Laura's Changing」など ソフトロックファンも驚く気持ちのいい曲がある。