Love Generation

1.Groovy Summertime 2.The Love In Me 3.Hey, Look Around 4.Not Be Found
5.Meet Me At The Love-In 6.When The Sun Goes Down 7.Playin' On The Strings Of The Wind
8.Consciousness Expansion 9.You 10.Leaves Grow Grey 11.The bummer (Guide Me Home)
12.Epitaph (A World Without Love) 13.Fluffy Rain 14.W.C. Fields
15.Montage From "How Sweet It Is" 16.Let The Good Times In 17.I Keep On Talking
18.Love And Sunshine 19.A Touch Of Love 20.Candy 21.Love Is A Rainy Sunday
22.The Pill 23.Magic Land 24.Catchin Up In Fun
デビュー曲の「Groovy Summertime」が74位の小ヒット。
「SHE TOUCH ME」など心地いい曲が多く、今でもフラワームーブメントの中にいるよう。