Lou Christie

1.Lightnin' Strikes 2.Baby, We Got to Run Away 3.Cryin' in the Streets 4.Trapeze 5.Diary
6.Jungle 7.Rhapsody in the Rain [Uncensored] 8.Rhapsody in the Rain [Censored]
9.You've Got Your Troubles 10.Since I Don't Have You 11.Painter 12.Lita
13.Lita [Alternate Mix] 14.Indian Summer 15.Hollywood's My Stop 16.Ronda 17.Back Track
18.Summer Snow 19.Watch Your Heart After Dark 20.If My Car Could Only Talk 21.Wild Life's in Season 22.Song of Lita
ファルセットヴォイスが魅力で「The Gypsy Cried」「Two Faces Have I」の大ヒットを持つルー・クリスティだが、
66年「Lightnin' Strikes」が全米1位となりオールディーズを脱却、このMGM時代が素晴らしくソフトロックファンならずとも注目。