Keith West

1.Time Is on My Side 2.Don't Lie to Me 3.That's How Strong My Love Is
4.Things She Says 5.You're on Your Own 6.I Don't Mind 7.Am I Glad to See You
8.Blow Up 9.Three Jolly Little Dwarfs 10.Revolution 11.Excerpt from "A Teenage Opera"
12.Sam 13.Shy Boy 14.Colonel Brown 15.On a Saturday 16.Kid Was a Killer 17.Visit 18.She
19.Little Understanding 20.Power and the Glory 21.West Country 22.Riding for a Fall 23.Having Someone
Four+1、In Crowd、Tomorrowにソロ時代とキース・ウエストの歴史を網羅できるアルバム。