1.Don't You Believe It 2.I've Got to Tell Her 3.Montage {from How Sweet It Is}
4.Did You Hear a Heartbreak Last Night? 5.Colour of My Love 6.Look No Further
7.Baby Take Me in Your Arms 8.I Fell Flat on My Face 9.Love and the World Loves With You
10.City Girl 11.Jose 12.Shenandoah 13.Give a Little Love 14.One Day Girl 15.Hold the Night
16.You Know How It Is With a Woman 17.Are You Growing Tired of My Love? 18.Spider
19.Can't Get You Out of My Mind 20.(There Won't Be a Way) To Love You 21.I've Got the Best of You
22.One More Mile (And Darling I'll Be Home) 23.Aphrodite 24.Do What You Gotta Do
25.So Good to Love You 26.Girl You Are a Woman Now 27.Halfway to Where
マコウレイ=マクレオード作の「Baby Take Me in Your Arms」 やジムウェッブ作の「Montage」、「Jose」など