Jan & Dean

1.Yellow Balloon [Version Two] 2.Here Comes the Rain 3.Lullaby in the Rain (California Lullaby)
4.Taste of Rain [Version Two] 5.Yellow Balloon 6.Here Comes the Rain 7.Pocket Full of Rainbows
8.When Sunny Gets Blue 9.Like a Summer Rain 10.Raindrops 11.Rain on the Roof
12.Crying in the Rain 13.Taste of Rain 14.Save for a Rainy Day Theme 15.Yellow Balloon [Stereo]
16.Taste of Rain [Stereo] 17.Rain Clouds Long Gone [Mono Version][#][Instrumental]
18.When Sunny Gets Blue [Stereo][#][Instrumental] 19.Pocket Full of Rainbows [Stereo]
20.Rain on the Roof [Stereo] 21.Yellow Balloon [Stereo][#][Instrumental]
22.Taste of Rain [Stereo][#][Instrumental] 23.Save for a Rainy Day Theme [Stereo]
ゲイリー・ゼクリーと学生時代からの友人同士。 ゼクリーがYellow Balloon(イエローバルーン)に作った「Here Comes The Rain」に
歌詞を付け変え 「Like a Summer Rain」を発表。こちらのバージョンも悪くない。