Harmony Grass

1.Move in a Little Closer Baby 2.My Little Girl 3.What a Groovy Day 4.I've Seen to Dream
5.(It Ain't Necessarily) Byrd Avenue 6.Chattanooga Choo Choo 7.Good Thing 8.Mrs Richie
9.Summer Dreaming 10.I Think of You 11.Ballad of Michael 12.Tom Dooley
13.What Do You Do When Love Dies 14.Let My Tears Flow 15.You and I [1970 Demo]
16.Summer Dreaming [1969 Demo] 17.Walk on By [1969 Radio Session]
名を変え「Move in a Little Closer Baby」でデビュー。この曲で全英22位のスマッシュヒット。
この年にこのアルバム「This Is Us」を発表。今でも古さを感じない驚愕の一枚。