Fun & Games

1. The Grooviest Girl In The World 2. Sadie 3. Close To Carmel
4. Topanga Canyon Road (Album Version) 5. TUESDAY,TUESDAY 6. Gotta Say Goodbye
7. Don't Worry Baby 8. Elephant Candy 9. Something I Wrote 10. The Way She Smiles
11. It Must Have Been The Wind 12. Elephant Candy (Single Version)
13. The Way She Smiles (Single Version) 14. The Grooviest Girl In The World (Single Track)
15. It Must Have Been In The Wind (Single Version) 16. We (Single Version) 17. Gotta Say Goodbye (Single Version)
スマッシュヒットした「The Grooviest Girl In The World」よりも「Close To Carmel」
「Topanga Canyon Road」「We」などが美しく聴いていて気持ち良いゼクリーらしい作品。