1.Saturday and Sunday 2.She Cries 3.Things Get Better 4.Look at the Sunshine
5.Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow 6.When the Summer Comes 7.Gone -- Movin' On 8.Carpet Man
9.Yesterday 10.Make It With You 11.Go Granny Go (The Little Old Lady from Pasadena)
12.Close Your Eyes 13.Say Goodbye 14.Little Girl I Once Knew 15.Let's Dance
16.Just to See You Smile 17.Indian Lake 18.She Sang Hymns Out of Tune 19.Mr. Beverly's Heavy Days
20.Better Believe It 21.Cara Mia 22.Yenka 23.Don't Say Love 24.So This Is Love 25.King Cole Yenka
Ripples Vol.1の1曲目「Look At The Sunshine」でソフトロック界にその存在を知らしめたアイルランド出身7人組のFreshmen。