1.Caroline 2.If You Don't Want Me Now 3.Come On Girl 4.I Like the Look of You 5.Look Homeward Angel 6.I'll Have My Tears To Remind Me 7.You've Got Your Troubles 8.I've Got To Go 9.Looking Through the Eyes of Love 10.Won't You Give Him (One More Chance) 11.This Empty Place 12.I'm Still Alone 13.If We Lived On Top of a Mountain 14.Laughing Fit To Cry 15.Coloured Lights 16.All Cried Out 17.Voice Your Choice 18.Time To Be Going 19.Here It Comes Again 20.Things I Should Have Known 21.This Golden Ring 22.Someone To Care 23.You Gave Me Somebody To Love 24.Silent Street 25.Gone From My Mind 26.Is It Really Worth Your While 27.Am I Losing My Touch 28.Our Love Has Gone 29.Truly Yours 30.Summertime Summertime - (featuring Cliftones) 31.I Love Her Still - (featuring Cliftones)
グリーナウェイ=クックが書いた、「you've Got Your Troubles」が65年に全米7位、全英2位の大ヒットとなる。
以降コーラス色を強めて「Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again」や「This Golden Ring」など良曲連発。