Flying Machine

1.Mirror Mirror 2.She Don't Care 3.Don't Stop Loving Me Baby 4.Will Ya?
5.Magic Rocking Horse 6.It Ain't Right 7.Mum and Dad 8.On a Street Car
9.There's Nobody I'd Sooner Love 10.Duke's Jetty 11.Kentucky Woman 12.Behind the Mirror
13.Smile a Little Smile for Me 14.Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long
15.Send My Baby Home Again 16.Look at Me, Look at Me 17.Baby Make It Soon
18.There She Goes 19.Hanging on the Edge of Sadness 20.Flying Machine
21.Devil Has Possession of Your Mind 22.Hey Little Girl 23.Yes I Understand 24.Pages of Your Life
ディスク: 2 1.Smile a Little Smile for Me 2.My Baby's Coming Home 3.Thing Called Love
4.Marie Take a Chance 5.Waiting on the Shores of Nowhere 6.That Same Old Feeling
7.Broken-Hearted Me, Evil-Hearted You 8.Memories of Melinda 9.Mirror Mirror [Alternate Take]
10.Don't Stop Loving Me Baby [Alternate Take] 11.Magic Rocking Horse [Alternate Take]
12.Shine a Little Light on Me 13.St. Louis Child 14.Strawberry Fool
15.Angel (She Was Born Out of Love) 16.People Say 17.One Man Band 18.Lies in Your Eyes
19.Me Without You 20.Can't Break the Habit 21.Shadows on a Foggy Day 22.If You Were True
23.4 O'Clock in New York 24.Hard, Hard Year 25.Fools Rush In [Demo Version] 26.Flying Machine [Demo Version]
「Mirror Mirror」のヒットを放ったピンカートンズ・アソーテッド・カラーズが元のバンドであるフライング・マシーン。
「Smile a Little Smile for Me」が全米5位の大ヒット。「Send My Baby Home Again 」など何度来ても飽きない曲が並ぶ。