First Class

1.Beach Baby 2.First Day of Your Life 3.Won't Somebody Help Me 4.Long Time Gone
5.Dreams Are Ten a Penny 6.I Was Always a Joker 7.Surfer Queen 8.Child's Play
9.I Was a Star 10.Baby Blue 11.What Became of Me? 12.Wake Up America 13.Old Time Love
14.Seven-Ten to Nowhere 15.Bobby Dazzler 16.Life Is Whatever You Want It to Be
17.Funny How Love Can Be 18.Smiles on a Summer Night 19.Ain't No Love 20.Disco Kid
元アイヴィー・リーグのジョン・カーターの渾身の一曲「Beach Baby」に天才セッションヴォーカル=トニー・バロウズの